Our Work Examples

Here are some examples of our recent work. Each intervention is unique, and we strive to deliver results that exceed your expectations. Click on the images to see the amazing transformations.

Leather Chair

  • Wear and Tear Stains
  • Color Fading

Before: This leather chair showed signs of wear and tear and stains from daily use.

After: Thanks to our specialized treatment, the leather has regained its original luster, with revived colors and a smooth, clean surface.

Fabric Sofa Cleaning

  • Stains
  • Animal Hair

Before: This fabric sofa showed signs of dirt, discoloration, and stains left by animals, needing a refresh.

After: After our intervention, the sofa has regained its original beauty, with clean fabrics and vibrant colors.

Fabric Sofa Cleaning

  • Persistent Stains
  • Black Stains

Before: The sofa was marked by deep stains and an accumulation of dust.

After: We revitalized the sofa, eliminating the stains and making the fabric soft and pleasant to the touch.

Complete Transformation

  • Animal Urine
  • Coffee and Wine Stains

Before: This fabric sofa was covered with persistent stains, compromising its appearance and comfort.

After: Our deep cleaning removed all the stains, making the chair look like new and perfectly clean.

Complete Rehabilitation of a Suede Armchair

  • Suede wear
  • Embedded stains and dirt
  • Revitalization of suede

Before : This suede armchair showed significant signs of wear, with stains and substantial discoloration of the fabric.

After : Thanks to our specialized suede cleaning service, we have revitalized this armchair. The stains have been removed, the fabric has been carefully cleaned and revitalized, leaving a clean and like-new appearance.